Evaluation of in vivo efficacy of Olean-12-en-28-ol, 3β pentacosanoate (OPC) isolated from Capparis ovata for the symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis. 117S293 TUBITAK Project, 2018-continues

Investigation of the in vitro Anti inflammatory Effects of Some Compounds Isolated from Capparis Ovata. PAUBAP 2017FEBE060, 2017-Continues

Investigation the Treatment Efficiency of Fingolimod-Derived Novel ST-1505 Compound in Multiple Sclerosis. PAUBAP 2017FEBE050, 2017-Continues

Investigation of the Anticancer Properties of 1H-Indole-2-Hydroxy, 3-Carboxylic Acid as a Novel and Natural Compound Isolated from Capparis Ovata. PAUBAP 2017FEBE051, 2017-Continues

Revision of the genus Sphagnum L. (Sphagnacea) in Turkey. TUBITAK Project 113Z631, 2017. (Supervisor).

Computer design, synthesis and investigation their bioactivity of drugs like Fingolimod and Cladribine which are used in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 113Z141, TUBITAK Project, 2016.

Comprehensive Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of the Healing Effects of MSCOV in Experimental Multiple Sclerosis Model (EAE) TUBİTAK Project 112S187, 2015.

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of anticarcinogenic potentials of Dwarf nettle (Urtica urens), TUBİTAK Project 111T515, 2015. (Supervisor)

Investigation of the In Vitro Anti-diabetic Effects of Pure Alysine A, Alysine B (Diterpene), Cirsiliol, and Cirsilineol (Flavonoid) Compounds Isolated from Teucrium alyssifolium, TUBİTAK Project 114Z640, 2015.

Investigation of the effects of the local medicinal plant Viscum album L. on the cytochrome P450 7A1 and 27A1 enzymes responsible for bile acid synthesis and metabolism at the molecular level. ODTUBAP, 2015.

Comprehensive Identification of the Effects of Hairy Willow on Xenobiotic Metabolism and its Drug-Diet Interaction Potentials using Proteomics and Molecular Approaches TUBİTAK Project 109R012, 2012.

Investigation of the Therapeutic Effects of Momordica charantia in mouse Ulcerative Colitis Model. PAUBAP 2013BSP011. 2015. (Supervisor)

Production of Easy to Use Granular Concentrate Nettle [Urtica urens (small nettle)] Tea and Determination of its anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, 2014. KOSGEB

Investigation on the Role of Cytochrome P450 Expression Levels and Genetic Variation in Resistance to Pine Processionary Moth (Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni) in Turkish Red Pine (Pinus brutia).
PAÜBAP-2010FBE023, 2012.

Comprehensive Identification of the Effects of Ellagic acid on Xenobiotic Metabolism and its Drug-Diet Interaction Potentials using Proteomics and Molecular Approaches, Continue
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Genetic Polymorphisms Of Cytochrome P4501-3 (CYP1-3) And Phase II Enzymes in Turkish Ulcerative Colitis Patients, 2010
. PAÜBAP-2009FBE019, 2010.

Modernization of Departmental Labs
PAÜBAP-2010KRMFBE009, 2011

Catalase From A Local Bacillus licheniformis Species Isolated From Pamukkale: Cloning, Expression, Purification And Characterization
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Determination of heavy metal and organic pollutions in Çürüksu Stream  (Denizli) using Benthic invertebrates.
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Use of recombinant catalase Bacillus licheniformis in textile industrial process
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Effects of Sulfite Oxidase Deficiency on Drug Metabolizing Enzymes in Rat
TUBITAK HD Project 106Y244. 2006-2007

Effects of Sulfite Oxidase Deficiency on Drug Metabolizing Enzymes
Project PAÜBAP-2006FBE002.

Characterization of
Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata) brain aromatase PAÜBAP-2006FBE014, 2007

Characterization of Aging of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Assessment of Aging in Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata) liver Microsomes
PAUBAP-2005FBE020. 2005-2006.

Investigation of Using Limnodrilus Profundicola (Verril 1871) Cholinesterase and Ethoxyresorufin O-Deethylase Activities as a Biomarker

Immunochemical and Biochemical Characterization of Cytochrome P4501A1 and Glutathione S-Transferases from Tissues of Liza saliens
, TUBITAK Project, TBAG2058 (101T064), 2003-2005.

Antioxidant and chemoprotective properties of Momordica charantia L. (bitter melon) fruit extract

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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water from the Menderes River, Turkey.
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